CS215 Spring 2012 Class Page

This 4-credit course was conducted during the spring 2012 semester at the University of Kentucky. The links below preserve contact information about the professor and the teaching assistants, and list some information that may continue to be of interest to students from that class (e.g., the syllabus, policy, wake-up music list, etc.)

Professor Brent Seales
The Davis Marksbury Building, Office 102G

Chris Parks (chris.parks@uky.edu) Teaching Assistant (Sections 001, 005)
Xiwei (Jeffrey) Wang (J.Wang@uky.edu) Teaching Assistant (Sections 002, 003)
Pengpeng (Mark) Lin (pli222@uky.edu) Teaching Assistant (Sections 006, 007)
Zhenghao (Frank) He (zhenghao.he@uky.edu) Teaching Assistant (Sections 004, 008)
Sami TahaAbuSnaineh (sstaha2@uky.edu) Teaching Assistant (Section 401 - night section)

Course Overview Information

C++ For Everyone (Horstmann) Textbook Student Companion Website
Companion textbook chapters (11-14)

CS215 Complete Semester Music Wake Up Mix

Wake up mix

CS215 Last Day of Class Video

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