George V. Landon

email: gvland0 at cs dot uky dot edu
alt: georgelandon at gmail dot com

PhD Candidate (Adviser: W. Brent Seales)
Computer Science
Digital Media Networks Lab
Laboratory for Advanced Networking
University of Kentucky
Hardymon Building, 2nd Floor
301 Rose Street
Lexington, KY 40506-0495

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Research Interests:

  • Computer Vision, Image Processing, 3D Computer Graphics
  • Active 3D Acquisition, Stereo Vision, Shape from Shading, and Structure from Motion
  • Digital Libraries and Museums, New interfaces for Digital Artifact Interaction, and Security Applications using Computer Vision and Graphics Methods

  • George V. Landon

    I am now an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Eastern Kentucky University.
    Please find my current website here.


    Refereed Journals

  • George V. Landon and W. Brent Seales. Petroglyph digitization: enabling cultural heritage scholarship. Machine Vision and Applications. 17:6, pages 361-371, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, December, 2006.
    Available Online

  • Refereed Conferences

  • George V. Landon, Yun Lin, and W. Brent Seales. Towards automatic photometric correction of casually illuminated documents. To appear in IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2007.

  • Saikat Chakrabarti, George V. Landon, and Mukesh Singhal. Graphical Passwords: Drawing a Secret with Rotation as a New Degree of Freedom. To appear in The Fourth IASTED Asian Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (AsiaCSN 2007).
    Available Online

  • M. Sun and R. Yang and L. Yun and George Landon and W. B. Seales and M. S. Brown. Geometric and Photometric Restoration of Distorted Documents. In International Conference on Computer Vision 2005, volume II, pages 1117-1123, 2005.
    Available Online

  • George V. Landon and W. Brent Seales. Building and Visualizing 3D Textured Models for Caribbean Petroglyphs. In 21st Congress of The International Association of Caribbean Archaeology (Trinidad and Tobago), July 2005.

  • Book Chapters

  • George V. Landon and W. Brent Seales. New methods for rock art recording and virtual analysis. In Michael A. Cinquino, Michele H. Hayward, and Lesley-Gail Atkinson, editors, Caribbean Rock Art. The University of Alabama Press. In Press.

  • Invited Talks

  • George V. Landon and W. Brent Seales. New Methods for Rock Art Recording and Virtual Analysis. Symposium on Latin American Rock Art: Conservation and Research Status. 2006 meeting of the Society of American Archaeology.

  • Other Publications

  • W. Brent Seales and George V. Landon. The Museum and the Media Divide: Building and Using Digital Collections at the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. In D-Lib Magazine, volume 11, May 2005.
    Available Online

  • Technical Reports

  • Yun Lin, George V. Landon, and W. Brent Seales. Developing a Framework for Acquisition, Preservation, and Dissemination of 3D Documents. Technical Report TR-463-06, Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, December 2006.


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